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💧 Ripple

Ripple is a (partly) open source fully-featured private/custom server for the rhythm game osu!. Born in 2015 as a small collaboration between me and Howl, it became the biggest osu! private server and it’s able to run completely on users donations. The original stack was written entirely in PHP, but the current backend is written in Python and Go, while the frontend is HTML with a lot of JavaScript. If you’re an osu! player, feel free to join us for a game :)

🚀 OpenSpaceTeam

Open Source spaceteam clone that runs on the browser

OpenSpaceTeam is a little project I made for ISIS Di Maggio’s educational guidance (the high school I attended, here in Italy) as a demonstration of what their students are capable of doing at the end of the studies. It’s an open source clone of the smartphone game Spaceteam. The backend is written in Python (asyncio & and the frontend uses vue.js.

🍃 EmaNews

Scraping and alerting system for

EmaNews is a project made for the University of Siena that scrapes the content of the section “Herbal medicines for human use” of the European Medicines Agency’s website, allowing users to filter and order all the medicines and documents provided by the European Medicines Agency in a way that’s not possible on the official website. EmaNews also allows users to receive notifications (by email or by a Telegram message) when a new medicine or document is updated or added. The backend is written in Python (asyncio) and the frontend uses the framework vue.js.

🤖 Some Telegram bots

I’ve made a few Telegram bots that are publicly accessible by everyone, like:

  • @vprwbot: a bot to make your Telegram experience more aesthetic
  • @mooosecabot: a bot to download mp3 files from YouTube and Soundcloud

I’ve also made other bots that are part of bigger projects and private.

🐤 Minor projects

I’ve made a ton of smaller projects: some are standalone, others are part of bigger projects, some are public, others are private. Here are a few:

  • oiseau: Backup and sync system for Ripple, that uses’s C14 storage solution
  • pipoli: Status page that powers
  • grafana-telegram-pipoli: a Telegram bot that sends alerts from Grafana (and Pipoli) to Telegram
  • dtg: a Telegram bot that can send alerts from Datadog to Telegram
  • ddd: a Discord bot that can send alerts from Datadog to multiple Discord channels
  • emojilangbot: a Discord bot for emoji-speaking people, made for Ripple’s 2018 April fool’s day